Saturday, May 14, 2016

Throw in the towel

Sorry for the lapse.  Here's what's happended:

1) Wednesday night - took the sleep medicine (trazodone) prescribed by Laramie Dr.  Had a violent reaction - Fitbit says I woke up 18 times.
2) Thursday - reeling from the experience, and unsure about the medical safety of the rest of the trip, I bailed.  I wrote to all of the intended visitees, apologizing sincerely.
3) Friday - I started back,retracing my steps by driving from Laramie to Lincoln, NE.
4) Saturday - I continued by driving to Ottawa, IL.

I intend to continue back East.  In the future, I plan to take all long trips via air and cruise ships, cane, crutches and wheelchair.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Some days are worse than others

Last night's sleep was pretty spotty.  I decided to get better sleep medicine or pack it in, neither option thought out too clearly.  Called my Primary Care Physician in the AM, and a nurse eventually called back to say that the PCP said to go to a hospital, given my cardiac history.  I argued, but ..

I was born 72 years ago at the Ivinson Memorial Hospital, and returned today to a different hospital with the same name.  The word "heart" got all kinds of attention in the emergency ward, and they were taking stats and blood within minutes.  A few hours later they agreed with me that all I really needed was a different sleeping medicine.  Which they gave me.

I'll take it tonight, hopefully I'll be all set to continue west tomorrow AM.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Westward Low

Awoke in Lincoln, Nebraska to blue skies and dry streets.  Yesterday's tornado was just a dream.  Off to Laramie.

A long trip through a lot of ranchland.  The hills begin in Wyoming, with patches of snow still alongside I-80.  The speed limit in Wyoming is 80mph, the gasoline is full of ethanol, and my mileage is meager.  No taverns tonight, not feeling up to par.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Perchance to be ripped apart

Lincoln, Nebraska is a small city. I arrived at my motel, down the street from the local penitentiary, and then went in search of a local brewery Ploughshare.  I was the only customer, and as the outside thunderstorms started up, I had a lengthy discussion with the bartender about everything.

As I arrived back at the motel, I heard the local tornado siren.  Not knowing what else to do, I checked with the desk and the proprietor invited me into the laundry room.  Not yet.

Back at the motel room, I checked with the local news, and it said "Expected hazards - tornados and hail up to 3 inches in diameter."  So I went to hide in the customer laundry and met a nice family that had been on the road when the siren went off.  Mom, Dad, little boy, baby and dog.  We traded tornado stories and escaped unscathed.

So far.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Perchance to sleep

Off to Ottawa IL.

Another long ride without a lot of sleep to back it up.  IS 80 got pretty congested going around Chicago, even on a Sunday.

Ottawa is a well maintained little community in the middle of farming country.  Many attractive churches, a nice commons, and at least one brewery/restaurant: The Tangled Roots Brewing Company and The Lone Buffalo eatery.  Very nicely done.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Doesn't this get old after a while?

Getting ready to head west again.  This time I plan a 4 week trek to Berkeley CA, San Diego, and Provo UT, with other stops along the way.
And we're off.  Looks like IS80 might have acceptable weather, so first stop Erie PA as usual.

Fog and rain, on the road again.  I pulled over and set up a Mamas and Papas playlist.  Worked most of the trip to Erie PA, where I stopped for dinner at the BrewErie, get it?  Amazing site - a train station passenger waiting room - huge, vaulted and well appointed.  The service was good, the food and drink only so-so.